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For Entrepreneurs & SMB’s.

For Entrepreneurs & SMB’s.

We are a consultancy agency focused on supporting and bringing entrepreneurs and SMB’s into the 21st century and beyond through brand, personal, and leadership development for collective growth.

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Here at Content & Cultures we've taken a different perspective, as we asked ourselves the question... how can anyone expect to grow their business if their not growing themselves?  Yet, so many entrepreneurs and SMB's solely focus on their business growth and neglect their own personal growth and development. That’s where we come in as we recognised the link between business and personal growth.

When building a business and brand you will only get so far on your own. That’s why we support, educate, and share how to "bring the right people onto your bus"  aka your bus being your business. Doing this is crucial for your brands growth and development alongside learning how to create a thriving workplace culture and develop your leadership skills - two areas we also support you with!

Most businesses just focus on short-term tactics, marketing techniques and get distracted by shiny objects that they think will grow their business. That’s where we're different! We focus on the actual things that make a brand, such as a brands why, values, and principles not just a logo, colour scheme, or tagline. We approach developing a brand over the long-term for sustainability. Patience and commitment are required.

Our services

Services that we offer

Our two main services gives you the knowledge, guidance, tools and resources for you to grow your yourself, your team, and your brand so that everyone grows together. You can customise your package by the use of our add-ons to tailor it to your needs and all of our services come with a no-quibble 14-day money back guarantee.

Full Consultancy Package

Our full consultancy package doesn’t just include the standard consulting sessions covering personal, leadership and brand development that you would usually expect. It also includes a dedicated brand and content strategy, custom-developed website (or redesign) with SEO, and a full branding kit, website hosting and management and a private Slack communication channel so we can easily stay in touch.

Team Training Package

Our team training package, is where we work with your team directly over a series of workshops. In these workshops, we will support your team with their personal growth and development and how this feeds into their role within your organisation. We will also cover leadership, and brand development so everyone is clear on not just their ‘why’ but the brands overriding mission and purpose.

Our add-ons include...

Digital marketing package

Our digital marketing package focuses on producing and sharing a wide range of engaging content at scale. This alongside using digital tools to share and communicate your message are two components we believe will lead to building a long-term brand in the digital world that we live in. Through this add-on you’ll get access to a whole content team so you can focus on what you do best!

PPC management package

Our PPC management package is for you if you’re looking to scale and invest more into your brand as PPC/paid media would be the way to go. This add-on gives you access to our team of PPC experts to guide you through the paid media world.

Company-Branded Training Platform

This package sits alongside our team training workshops perfectly, as by selecting this add-on we will film our suite of workshops with your team and create an on-demand training platform for you and your team. We will also add additional training and resources to this platform and your team will also get access to a mobile app version of the site so they can learn on the go!

I've really enjoyed working with Content & Cultures, as Luke is really easy to work with, has great knowledge in his field and also gives great support with sharing ideas and different perspectives. I would highly recommend working with him.

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It's a pure pleasure to work with Luke and Content & Cultures! He is very knowledgeable, patient and open-minded. They have opened my eyes and helped me to look at my business from a different perspective and take a new approach to grow my business. I highly recommend them to any business owner.

Marcin Roszkowski Founder @ Vivid Flow Studio
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