turning businesses into conscious, thriving brands

We’re on a mission to help ambitious forward-thinking businesses create conscious and thriving brands to raise human consciousness and move the world forward!

Creativity, innovation, purpose, community and raising human consciousness is in our dna. It’s the very reason why we do what we do.

To many, it may seem an unconventional approach to what we do.

However, we see it as if we are to move the world forward raising human consciousness is at the heart of that and businesses around the world no matter how big or small have a key role to play.

Creativity, innovation, purpose, and building a strong community is the vehicle to get us there.

All of our services come under one or more three pillars. These are education, strategy, and consulting.

Our education pillar includes webinars, a range of workshops, and team training days. All of which are designed to get you started on creating a conscious and thriving brand that moves the world forward.

Our strategy pillar on the other hand gives you a blueprint, a roadmap to guide you from A to B. This includes business planning, brand identity, and brand strategy.

Our final pillar consulting which as it suggests is where you get to borrow our brains and we work closely together to build that conscious and thriving brand you want to build that lasts!

No matter where you’re at, we believe we can help you. Let’s get started.

our approach

We believe building a thriving brand, a purposeful healthy culture and cultivating creative and innovative thinking leads to a long-lasting brand.

Build a thriving brand

Create a thriving culture

Cultivate innovation

our 5 guiding priciples

be unconventional & take a different perspective

We believe in taking the unconventional path by challenging social norms and conventional thinking to see a different perspective and push the boundaries of what we "think" is possible.

commit to a new way of learning

We believe in a new type of education. One that always goes deeper to WHY we share, educate, and teach the things that we do - we don't do surface level.

build community where everyone achieves more

Connecting people together based on shared interests, values, principles, and beliefs to build meaningful honest relationships is what we strive and advocate for in everything that we do.

live from the inside out, rather than the outside in

No matter whether it's life or business we believe in leading from the inside, out not the outside in meaning to be who you truly are and live from our core values.

focus on the long-term, not the short term

Anyone can get short-term results. But the real magic lies in building something you're passionate about and adds value to others that will outlast every one of us.

meet the team

Luke Burrows

Founder & CEO



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